AuSI welcomes Visiting Fellow: A/Prof Xiao-Ming Liu

Associate Professor Xiao-Ming Liu
Friday 2 February 2024

The ANU Australian Studies Institute (AuSI) is delighted to announce one of our first Visiting Fellows for this year, from our 2023-24 Visiting Fellowship Program, Associate Professor Xiao-Ming Liu.

Xiao-Ming will use her AuSI Fellowship to investigate soil formation in Eastern Australia through the innovative use of novel potassium isotopes. Specifically, the project aims to trace the movement of potassium, a fundamental plant nutrient, from rocks to soil, providing vital insights into global soil nutrient dynamics.

This project is particularly significant given Australia's unique environmental conditions, with its varied climates, prevalent bushfires, and substantial dust transport. The findings from Xiao-Ming’s research will contribute to global understanding of soil formation and will shed light on nutrient transportation in response to bushfires and dust transport. This knowledge is essential in addressing major challenges posed by climate change.

Throughout her Fellowship, Xiao-Ming will have the opportunity to leverage advanced research infrastructure at The Australian National University (ANU), including the Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe (SHRIMP) and the East Australian Regolith Collection. Collaborations with leading academics at the ANU College of Science will also be of great benefit to Xiao-Ming’s research project.

"Receiving the AuSI Fellowship is a remarkable honour and a significant milestone in my career. As an Earth Scientist, the prospect of collaborating with esteemed colleagues and accessing unique resources through this Fellowship fills me with immense anticipation and motivation. This Fellowship not only recognises my past achievements but also opens doors to pioneering research that can contribute meaningfully to our understanding of Earth's systems. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity and look forward to contributing to the scientific community in new and impactful ways."

- Associate Professor Xiao-Ming Liu, Visiting Fellow, ANU Australian Studies Institute

Associate Professor Xiao-Ming Liu is renowned for her innovative methods in stable isotope geochemistry, where she investigates Earth's fundamental processes. She has played a pioneering role in the development and application of modern isotope ratio systems, applying these to the Earth's "Critical Zone" - the area where rocks, water, and organisms interact to cause chemical weathering and form soils.

Her academic journey began with an MS and a PhD from the University of Maryland, followed by a two-year postdoctoral Fellowship at the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Since 2015, she has been researching and teaching at the University of North Carolina, initially as an assistant professor and, since 2021, as an associate professor.

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